1450 Cha-La-Kee Road, Guntersville, Alabama 35976, United States

(256) 486-4487

generations of Happy Campers

generations of Happy Campersgenerations of Happy Campers

Riverview Rules

  •   Riverview Campground is available for recreational camping only. No one may use Riverview as a residence. 
  • Use all Riverview facilities at your own risk. Riverview management is not responsible for damage caused by acts of God, or for losses resulting from theft of property.
  • You are responsible for your children's and guest’s actions. Make them aware of Riverview rules. Do NOT allow your family or guests to use your campsite when you are not there. You must accompany guests or family.
  • Public intoxication will not be tolerated.
  • Camp sites must be kept neat and tidy, with no unnecessary clutter.
  • Quiet time is between 11 pm - 8 am on weekends, 10 pm - 8 am during the week. No loud music or disturbing noise permitted during this time. Children must be at their own campsites during quiet time.
  • Golf Carts (except those used by Campground management) and motorcycles or motorbikes are not allowed in Area A of the Campground. 
  • No bicycle riding after dark. Bicycle riding can be done in the daytime throughout Riverview, except at the entrance of Area A, unless      accompanied with an adult.
  • Stay on the asphalt or on designated walking paths. Do not walk through another guest’s camp site.
  • Pets must not be allowed to disturb other guests, and must be walked on a leash. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets. Do not let your pet’s barking or behavior disturb others
  • Trash should be disposed of properly, in dumpsters placed throughout Riverview. Do not put fish cleanings or used motor oil in dumpsters. Smaller trash cans for small items (not household trash) are placed throughout the Campground.
  • Do not allow any grey or black water to drain onto the ground.  Violation requires immediate eviction from Riverview. Four dump stations are located throughout Riverview for emptying holding tanks. You may use ‘honey wagons’ at the Office for your dumping.
  • Lights, electrical appliance (except refrigerators), air conditioners and water MUST be turned off  while you are not camping
  • Space is provided for two cars per camp site. Additional parking is available around the Office or across the street. Parking your boat at your site will take up one of your parking spots. Do not park on another guest’s site without their permission.
  • Storage of boat trailers is provided in designated areas. You will need to register your boat trailer with the Riverview Office to use the storage area.
  • Trees may not be damaged in any way. TVA requires that no nails or other objects be installed into trees
  • Check with management before digging. Electrical, cable and water lines are beneath the ground. You will be responsible for any repairs needed if you cut a line.
  • Camping at Riverview Campground is subject to all TVA rules. Two to note: No appliances intended for indoor use  (refrigerators) can be used outside of your camper, and very specific guidelines are in place regarding the size and ownership of decks. A complete list of TVA regulations is available in the Office.